Hello My Pen, A Poem About Writers Block

Hello my pen, My long lost friend. I put you in your cup months ago, or was it years? You’re all I have now. These hands have toiled. This heart was broken. These eyes have cried. But still, my pen has ink. The hand that toiled Now wants that toil on the page, The heartContinue reading “Hello My Pen, A Poem About Writers Block”

The Professional Protester #21 When Being Anti Authoritarian Gets Toxic | The Professional Protester on Patreon

Official Post from The Professional Protester : I will be blunt, if you call yourself a socialist, or anarchist, or leftist, or whatever only to validate your idenitiy as an anti-authoritarian, then you suck.Ending oppression and providing for the material demands of the working class should be the only thing socialists and leftists care about,Continue reading “The Professional Protester #21 When Being Anti Authoritarian Gets Toxic | The Professional Protester on Patreon”

Writers Block, A Poem

No ideas, but all the motivation. All the reasons to do it yet no reason at all. Like a marathon, hitting a wall. Just spit it out, Put it on the page! Put it on the Page! Forget if it makes sense, forget the grammar and spell checks. Fuck making sense. Just put it onContinue reading “Writers Block, A Poem”

A Poem For The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court Was the worst of sort Who fucked things up big time. Janus and Dred Scot I kid you not Proved that they are swine.

What good is a broken man?

What an era to be alive. Yet how can one call living with no dignity living? Crawling on knees to get to a safe place to release your bowels, Begging from mercy from an overweight class traitor with shit aim Only to get 6 bullets in the back. For a cell phone. Can it beContinue reading “What good is a broken man?”

Stephon Clark Autopsy Defeats Police Narrative of the Killing

An independent autopsy paid for by the Clark family revealed that of the 20 shots fired by the police 8 hit Stephon Clark. Six bullets landed in his back with two more hitting him in the upper and lower body. The fact he was shot in the back defeats the police narrative that he brandishedContinue reading “Stephon Clark Autopsy Defeats Police Narrative of the Killing”

Capitalism IS a Housing Crisis

Recently during a Democratic Socialists of America Reading Group hosted by my local we discussed the introduction to the book In Defense of Housing.  One of the first topics we leaped upon was the nature and use of the term “Housing Crisis.”  Housing across the nation, and arguably the world, is one of the numberContinue reading “Capitalism IS a Housing Crisis”

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 2

  Chapter 2  Jack’s New Friends For the first few nights Jack just crashed, tentless, in empty lots and beaches.  He had pinched and saved little bits of money over the years by trading with some of the other prisoners, but it certainly wasn’t much and it certainly wouldn’t last very long. Eventually Jack decidedContinue reading “Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 2”

24 HOURS LEFT UNTIL THE PREMIERE of Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis

Mark your calendars. Check out the sneak preview. Read each new chapter every Sunday. Join Jack on his journey out of prison and into the real, weird, modern world. GRAMERCY, The Journey of Jack Lewis, premieres TOMORROW November 9th!!!

Swoons on the Untested Nightly

Owl Street lamp forms swoons on on the untested nightly, crossed lives spread ancient powder on even older remedies and cures. Blessed be the color of night, to hide my honest virgin truth. Their soul is truth in my soul any remedy, free of heart, yet all of soul, all of soul. Yet free ofContinue reading “Swoons on the Untested Nightly”

I am Indeed Captain on my ship named Invictus

I escape into a dreary ponder of the night not under any new narcotic but one less. A semi sober mind and life afresh to bring my word to soul. I am captain now, Yes certain of my soul once again. What saved me were these few words, even my own. Did words not saveContinue reading “I am Indeed Captain on my ship named Invictus”