There Will Be Peace, Revolution, and One



The archaic always

seems to have

its place.

Whether we like it,

whether we know it,

is another matter

all together.

Is their any real poetry

in these words?

Is their any real

phonetic surprise,

any peak.

Perhaps, but more than


their is return.

Their is the same

thing that has long

cycled and recycled.

Who plays the hero

in real life,

Where is their movie,

their song?

Was it ever?

I read down the stack

of authors my friends

and family have so

ademently recommended.

My pride will hurt me

more than any other


did you see the

play on words?

I filled this page

and all the others

with questions.

He’s right, its the music

we choose.

I wish my mind

could shut down.

Why would I say such

a trifle thing,

live with the racing


Live with the draw

of each one,

embrace them.

The key went

insane from the


It’s a reference,

do not be a fool

mind body and spirit

are the same thing.

Once all in sync

all in connection,

their will be peace,

their will be revolution

their will be one.


Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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