Announcement: Blog Rebranding

I am happy to announce I will be moving all my prose to my newly rebranded patreon blog, The Weekly Protest. This webpage will be 100% for poetry henceforth. The funds from the patreon will help me to keep most of my poetry publishable for free. Poetry is for the people! Patreon also makes itContinue reading “Announcement: Blog Rebranding”

A Hand Over the Heart Does Not Feed a Hungry Child

Our content Mass production, due favors in south outlier and a perisistant traveller’s call for a prayer of peace. Tell me kid, did you know there was a future in such a romaceless field? Distracted petty feuds as it all begins to crumble and become rebuilt. Violence and rhetoric in the names of things likeContinue reading “A Hand Over the Heart Does Not Feed a Hungry Child”