Announcement: Blog Rebranding

I am happy to announce I will be moving all my prose to my newly rebranded patreon blog, The Weekly Protest. This webpage will be 100% for poetry henceforth. The funds from the patreon will help me to keep most of my poetry publishable for free. Poetry is for the people! Patreon also makes itContinue reading “Announcement: Blog Rebranding”

A Hand Over the Heart Does Not Feed a Hungry Child

Our content Mass production, due favors in south outlier and a perisistant traveller’s call for a prayer of peace. Tell me kid, did you know there was a future in such a romaceless field? Distracted petty feuds as it all begins to crumble and become rebuilt. Violence and rhetoric in the names of things likeContinue reading “A Hand Over the Heart Does Not Feed a Hungry Child”

Chartered Words, Uncensored

Synonymous desperation, sacrificing morals, principles, and an upbringing, just to eat and bare shelter. The guilds and fealties of our past, are only more passive now, but they are still real. Diverted funds feed me dinner, and the shame of another sacrificed oath is flushed along with my humors, and vile contempt otherwise hidden fromContinue reading “Chartered Words, Uncensored”

Sweet Lady of our Mass Production.

Over-packaged literature, and mass production. Where is our savior street artist now? Do not patronize me, for better or worse there must be benevolence to art. The romantic dialoque of the starving struggle is no movie based happy ending. For in real life, the story carries on the next day. 9/15/15

Statements of The Modern

Broken Woes, The Soul of Man under Socialism, and other important childrens books. Would banning the bible in schools increase it’s sex appeal? Ah, sweet blasphemy and an anachronistic marriage, and a lie. Rot in jail, or pay the ticket, still in the end old songs become relevant again. 9/2015

New Word

New word, passive lacking in detail, no lie, just late facts and a painful shrug. Tedious narcotic anxiety and an even older annoying habit. We are in fact addicted to our emotions, and some are more toxic than heroin. Anger kills brain, and fear, the heart. Trapped in adolescent disposition, a generation, of late lies.Continue reading “New Word”

The Ponderings of Memories Clenched 

To wit and be not known and strength. See to wit, and matter disproportioned, in ever lasting concept. What times do we live in, when our young read stories of their no future. What now done for our children, what now done in dialogue for truth and politic. Another build up of hope, or justContinue reading “The Ponderings of Memories Clenched “

The Story’s Answer Part 4

War, no, fear, no, Crime, no,  Game! Simply game! Game for identity. Game for group and safety. Game for instinct, Game for the pursuit but not gain of truth. But what is to gain truth? What is to gain knowledge? Where is any truth? Is this my page? Is this my night? Damn this me!Continue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 4”

The Story’s Answer Part 3

I did not mean it, I did not mean to, I did not wish to burn my scripts and lines but I did, I did it as a projection of my own dreary  ways. Blue hearts to black, that is the lyric, that is what I did  with my poetic paints, So forevermore, I mustContinue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 3”

The Story’s Answer. Part 1

Wretched hours, Cursed cliches yet sinfully, regrettably again, I write these words with a mind of conflict and a heavy heart. Thoughts and my body twisted and wrangled and always so mother bloody fucking constant. Find no pattern in these words, yet please do, For although there is no story here, There indeed is, andContinue reading “The Story’s Answer. Part 1”


Sweet some sense to think that answer and such wondering on since constant and circles and circles and circles used but not so’s word words doing one of my single women here what are we doing it’s just the same old song so many times it’s not funny. No, not funny.

Art for the Sake of Art, Words for the Sake of Words

Unconsciously composed are the truth, the start of all great coordinations and compositions. Composition for the sake of itself. For the sake of rehearsal, and practice. Practice for practice overdue but now and learned. Make no mistakes by allowing mistakes. He who laughs with understands, he who laughs at dies alone. 10/18/14