A Mantra, Just Another Page in Your Book

This is not a night for sleep, This is a night for rebellion, no toxic city grace halls shall light on the dollar shall wring our treat true. Another page,  turned and torn. A fragment of it’s former thought and in complete rhyme. Destined be the word, The sentence and line, sweet language. Ah, language,Continue reading “A Mantra, Just Another Page in Your Book”

Filter Nature’s Void

Filter Nature’s Void through your perverse reaction and you get a show, a show of low wits and a serious truth. We need our Max Headroom and our live streamed saviors. The way of the future draws near and draws a drummed down dumbed down plea from the exploited, the used, the masses. 6/8/14

The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 8

Chapter 8  It was 7:45 when I woke up.  My tour of Humboldt state wasn’t until 11.  So I knew my parents wouldn’t be up until nine.  So I just lied on the bed trying to remember my dream as best as I could so I could interpret it.  First I thought of the beginningContinue reading “The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 8”

The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 5 “I’ve just had 18 straight whiskies, I think that’s the record” Dylan Thomas’s last words.

Chapter 5 “I’ve just had 18 straight whiskies, I think that’s the record” Dylan Thomas’s last words. That night, I had a dream.   The dream was about her.   We fucked in my dream, we fucked in the hottest most passionate of ways, totally naked, arms and legs wrapped around each other and locked inContinue reading “The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 5 “I’ve just had 18 straight whiskies, I think that’s the record” Dylan Thomas’s last words.”

When the Mind Goes Free

Radio production of a hallucination and hallucinogenic  splendor and fun while the estute minds of an  aborted playground progress. There minds swell, and die yet live and thrive. Some think dubstep has taken over the world, others smoke the bong and preach but have no idea who Cornel West is. Preach on to the sweetContinue reading “When the Mind Goes Free”

Forgotten Pages and Souls Wander

Forgotten pages and souls wonder and wander wondering what could have been? Instead what is  gets swept  under the ugly rug of a family skeleton closet. Cradles never  rocked. Spanish language poems fill the hallways of a once empty mind, and Gil Scot Heron is not forgotten. Who says a white man can’t jump orContinue reading “Forgotten Pages and Souls Wander”

The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 4

Chapter 4  I woke up at about 7:30, and cursed at myself for not being able to sleep in more.  But I was up, so I leaped my torso forward and erected my position, and pushed down to get rid of my morning wood.  I was dreaming about her.  It wasn’t a sex dream, IContinue reading “The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 4”

It Is Return!

It is Return! It is Resolve! It is the permanent restoration of what was otherwise overkill and retrospect. Why is it that only such a tragedy can light a fuse and create such a spark that any poet may write by it,  any artist may paint by it. Identity is not convoluted. Self interest isContinue reading “It Is Return!”

The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 3

Chapter 3  I awoke around 8:10.  When you’re a stoner you sleep incredibly well,  but the morning after you go to sleep high is always a sluggish one, which I have every day.  I awake feeling languid but with out the euphoria, your muscles are also tense and achy from a lack of changing positionsContinue reading “The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 3”

Strong Coffee, Cigarettes, and Other Poetic Cliches

Some strong coffee, a bottle of Vino and a french cigarette and before you know it your a regular Jean Paul Satre. A resource for the masses for unwise wisdom. A wisdom that bares no profit is the most profitable of wisdom said a very wise unwise-man. Who knew that words are currency to some?Continue reading “Strong Coffee, Cigarettes, and Other Poetic Cliches”

Your word Your place, Your work Your Mark

No force or strings, bribes, promises or laws will keep me from my stake and claim. The time has come for the fight once feared, now bragged about, cold is end of the sad day when you turn to a retreat more shameful than the french. The cities belong to the pedestrians but they wereContinue reading “Your word Your place, Your work Your Mark”

The Rude Joke of Sweet Chaos

How uninspired is the most focused and able of minds, what a joke it truly is, all!  Laugh at the funny                         joke, all laugh, laugh, I say no sarcastic overtones no bitter undertones laugh, laugh with joy at the joke that is lifeContinue reading “The Rude Joke of Sweet Chaos”