The Rude Joke of Sweet Chaos

How uninspired is the

most focused and

able of minds,

what a joke it truly is,

all!  Laugh at the funny


all laugh, laugh, I say

no sarcastic overtones

no bitter undertones

laugh, laugh with joy

at the joke that

is life and the

black humor punchline

that is in fact mortality.  

Oh structure

how you elude me.

How do you escape?

I let you, it’s

so very true.  

But feel free

in your escape,

that is the ultimate price.

To greatest charge to

the account of

societies most undeserving,

in our most easy


In our proper forms, 

in in valid nature 

of structure,

what order,

of what chaos.

Aw, Sweet chaos,

breath deep its sweet distraction.

Or distractions in its plural.

My idiosyncratic character,

in its idiosyncratic setting,

and its self insisting


That’s the way which 

satisfaction comes,

evident, sweet,

rewarding satisfaction.  

Such a rude-joke,

rewarding satisfaction,

so tell the audience

indecency is just a word,

just a word,

just another drifting

dying word.




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