Safe Space, a poem

There once was a young boy, a sweet, but different kid, who was taunted and bullied and he didn’t always handle it well. There weren’t buzzwords like “cancel culture” or “safe space” when the boy was growing up, so his bullies never got canceled, and the boy, despite the torture, never really needed a “safeContinue reading “Safe Space, a poem”

The Time Has Come (a poem dedicated to antifascist fighters!)

The time has come, The end of generational ignorance is near. Revolution. There is no more denying, No more procrastination, For procrastination is the rebel’s enemy. There is no more time to waste, Revolution Is a formula. A formula of transcendence, A guide to peace, To march, To victory.

What good is a broken man?

What an era to be alive. Yet how can one call living with no dignity living? Crawling on knees to get to a safe place to release your bowels, Begging from mercy from an overweight class traitor with shit aim Only to get 6 bullets in the back. For a cell phone. Can it beContinue reading “What good is a broken man?”