The Weekly Protest – Leave Poetry to the Experts | James J Jackson on Patreon

“Poetry is generally very dull, very pretentious.  Those who say the poet is a very private and very precious person I don’t agree with.  Generally, he’s just some dumb fiddling asshole, writing insecure lines that don’t come through, believing he’s immortal [and] waiting for his immortality, which never arrives because the poor fucker just can’tContinue reading “The Weekly Protest – Leave Poetry to the Experts | James J Jackson on Patreon”

The Teacher As Poet, a Poem (obviously)

The Teacher As Poet Content’s production, Ease of mind and constant rush, Narcotic ease, And still the voices don’t stop. Stagnation is a creative mind’s enemy, as is cowardice. We are our words, our letters and symbols. Intentions mean nothing when they fail, Yet success is still a subjective term. I am responsible for theContinue reading “The Teacher As Poet, a Poem (obviously)”

Safe Space, a poem

There once was a young boy, a sweet, but different kid, who was taunted and bullied and he didn’t always handle it well. There weren’t buzzwords like “cancel culture” or “safe space” when the boy was growing up, so his bullies never got canceled, and the boy, despite the torture, never really needed a “safeContinue reading “Safe Space, a poem”

A Villanelle For Capital

Get up, eat. Drink some speed. Get on the rat race’s beat. Out the door, you proceed, just another person in the street. Not an inch of power to concede. Show up, sign the sheet, like the faceless hog decreed, and with pay, you can’t compete. Day in and out, at a painful speed, destroyContinue reading “A Villanelle For Capital”


Repeat. Repeat the show you’ve seen a million times. Repeat and pour yourself another. Repeat your good intentions. Repeat your abuses. Repeat your habits, the good, the bad, and the destructive. Repeat your favorite quotes and your favorite lines. It doesn’t annoy anyone. Repeat your gestures. Repeat your route to work. Repeat your politics, andContinue reading “Repeat”