Repeat. Repeat the show you’ve seen a million times. Repeat and pour yourself another. Repeat your good intentions. Repeat your abuses. Repeat your habits, the good, the bad, and the destructive. Repeat your favorite quotes and your favorite lines. It doesn’t annoy anyone. Repeat your gestures. Repeat your route to work. Repeat your politics, andContinue reading “Repeat”


Gaslight The online archives will serve as lessons in logic for our future Plato’s in training. Fallacy upon fallacy, legitimizing evil, demonizing the good, the innocent. Easier to do that than change. Human spirits trampled by intentions always unkind. Easier to torch the land than it is to water new seeds. The Greats plant seedsContinue reading “Gaslight”

To Be Called a Red

To transcend labels, this was my original life’s goal. To walk the path of life thinking about nothin but the soul. ____ But obsession with the soul, with meaning and existence, is a waste of breath and privilege, and all of it a heart blockage to resistance. ______ Then one day after much trial andContinue reading “To Be Called a Red”