Statements of the Obvious

Wannabe pundits,

and livestreams without any life to them.

Everyone has an opinion,

but no one knows how to use Google.

The bars are all closed, and night clubs are a dead art.

Burlesque is a niche market, and even they can’t get a check.

Now we just beg for change from each other,

I do it every week on Patreon.

Some fuck on Onlyfans,

others have a GoFundMe for their insulin,

and that was before the pandemic to.

Do you think the executives at GoFundMe are as suicidal as us,

like in the College Humor video that was made before the layoffs?

Even the funniest of us can’t get work, and the smartest are out of cash.

There is no moral, fable, or lesson here,

no subversive message like usual.

This is just a statement of the obvious,

but there is still poetry in the truth,

even when it’s bleak, like the 20 dollars

and 20 cents

left in my bank account.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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