Hollywood Hellscape

The hipster hellscape.

The trendy dystopian trope

and all those goddamn post apocalyptic motifs.

Cliche at this point, the world ended years ago.

Yet the trends keep being shat down our throats

but blue check mark movie producers

and hack comedians with shitty podcasts that should have come out

10 years ago, when the material was fresh, clog my arteries.

Every show, movie, book, series, trilogy

where humans are skull fucking each other for a drop of gasoline

or slitting their own mother’s throats to make rent money.

One of these is a sci fi film

the other is real life.

No more cliches or dystopian hellscapes Hollywood, I beg you,

we already survived the apocolypse,

and we will out live you all.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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