Stream of Consciousness to Thoughts and Loves Long For Not.


   Fair Gone

        again long,

Dance no more,

Too far gone, too fair gain,

    In lust or love

none so.

Crested on

whatever that means?


Down I see no more.

I used to hate the


            but the omens are real now.

Couldn’t Shakespeare read

     his writing?

Back to basics, 

am I right?

No Good LSD in Sacramento,

we call it Sactown.

We hate art that isn’t right,



Nothing but a bunch

of goddamn reactionaries in this world,

but hark for not 

     is that but the 

     hope of our youth.

     once again.

Fads are flops but

get the movies made,

money is never the 

bottom line. 

Spew a few words

   on a page,

date it, sell it

make em proud,

how many times,

mannish boy,

feeling good.

Good to be back

after never having

been gone.

What was there for 

you to cry about?

I forgot, finally

see me smile,

   I finally smile.



Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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