Lies and Slander, A poem

“The poor deserve it!”

Lies and slander.

“The left hates…”

Lies and slander.

“The police protect and serve.”

Lies and slander.

“Your standard of living will only go up.”

More lies, more slander.

“Love is all you need.”

More lies, more slander.

“This is land of the free.”

The biggest lie, the biggest slander.


A Short Note About Peace

Accent upon rhythm

and timing be imecpable.

Suite number, unknown

and with the orchestra to.

Class of the classless.

A short note about peace,

a warning of lessons



Those Eyes

The mantra of the American upstarts,

Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.

The eyes belong to someones child.

Those eye once cried over a scraped knee.

Those eyes once looked at someone and loved them.

Those eyes once had a soul behind them.

Those eye look down at hands that hold a gun now.

Those eyes look down at hands that hold a pill in one hand

and $700 dollars in the other.

Those eyes will soon close forever,

for when I see them clearly enough 

I have no choice but to pull a trigger.

Peace is not a Means, it is an End

I think there is a verbose misconception in people about peace. Peace is viewed as an ideology in of itself. This belief leads to a noticeable apathy, and it is the cause of failure for every single American Anti War Movement since the 1960s.

Peace is an end, not a means. To view nonviolence as the only means to ending violence itself is just foolish. It is the height of privilege, and it is personified in the failure of the Anti War Movements.

The American Anti War Movement failed in Vietnam because it wouldn’t shut up about peace. “Give peace a chance,” “Make love not war,” it was all about adopting complacency, it was not about liberation. They promoted the illusion of liberation by espousing a dialogue founded in heteronormative sex and narcotic illusions set to a quack frame of philosophy. The Sexual Revolution was no revolution for the queer community, nor were people of color given the same liberal leeways of sexuality as their mostly white middle class counterparts, at least not until Black trans people in Stonewall started a riot. You see my point about peace yet?

The anti war movement failed two fold, Iraq and Vietnam. Vietnam’s anti war movement failed because it was blatantly lacking class consciousness, instead of supporting the sovereignty of the North Vietnamese, American liberals and hippies wouldn’t shut up about “feeling the love” and would fear Castro just as much as any conservative business suit square capitalist. It wasn’t about liberation from the masters, it was only about putting down the guns. I have a message for every American with any money to their name, it is not your place to tell the oppressed how to react to their oppression. The Anti War Movement did nothing to stop Vietnam, we were there until Saigon fell because we weren’t focused on ending imperialism, we were just talking about ending war. War is the tool of the imperialist master, this is true, therefore it is not the place of anyone who benefits from imperialism to tell the colonized how to rid themselves of their capitalist invasion.

It is not my place to tell Cubans, Palestinians, Kurds, black or brown Americans, or queer people how to liberate themselves. You would think this lesson would be learned easily by anti imperialist Americans, not so, we have repeated ourselves with our protests against the Iraq War. The entire dialogue was “no blood for oil” not “We are not your slaves, we have nothing to lose but our chains!” While their is truth that oil was the capitalists incentive to invade Iraq, focusing on the commodity and not the working people of Iraq how see none of this oil money was our mistake. Not to mention how both GOP and the DNC failed our veterans after victimizing them so in every war, many of whom only join the military because of their own stake in the class war . The Right exploits soldiers and veterans, but the Left just forsakes them, and it is one of the reasons we have so many homeless here in Sacramento and the whole nation. None of this comes into play when we say “Give Peace a Chance.”

Peace is important, it is the goal and the purpose of communism. But peace is not a means, it is an end. To achieve peace we must use any means necessary, be they non violent resistance or stringent militancy, peace is not achieved through peace itself, peace is achieved when agents are active on the March of History.

The Dim Echo of Passing Light

The Dim echo

of light passingĀ 

by only to stand

in the still life.

How teary eyed echoes

wager thus

and iron carriages

carry it on.

Only a drunken peace

can be the vice.

They can only stare.

Never worry,

there is solace

to be had onĀ 

a cloudy night.


There Will Be Peace, Revolution, and One



The archaic always

seems to have

its place.

Whether we like it,

whether we know it,

is another matter

all together.

Is their any real poetry

in these words?

Is their any real

phonetic surprise,

any peak.

Perhaps, but more than


their is return.

Their is the same

thing that has long

cycled and recycled.

Who plays the hero

in real life,

Where is their movie,

their song?

Was it ever?

I read down the stack

of authors my friends

and family have so

ademently recommended.

My pride will hurt me

more than any other


did you see the

play on words?

I filled this page

and all the others

with questions.

He’s right, its the music

we choose.

I wish my mind

could shut down.

Why would I say such

a trifle thing,

live with the racing


Live with the draw

of each one,

embrace them.

The key went

insane from the


It’s a reference,

do not be a fool

mind body and spirit

are the same thing.

Once all in sync

all in connection,

their will be peace,

their will be revolution

their will be one.


To Question

What ever was there to know,

Whatever was there to have

on hand to so be questioned.

To question


but on and off again,

Sinful friendliness

you are no help

at all.

Only past misconstruction

and always trifled hours.