Surpassed Supression

Each page draws me closer to check and falling sprout of surpassed suppression. I give no heart to pain and I ignore its friend prejudice, It has no beacon of  warmth, No fix that is real  or help. There is one, and its only an idea. Only, as if that made it any less powerfulContinue reading “Surpassed Supression”

Ecstasy’s Wind

Error in Judgement, Judgment and decay no more, but an ecstasy wind. What limited realm is  the i.d. of our  very realm itself? Does not your realm breathe  of the ecstasy wind  and of ecstasy’s wind. What Apollo gods rule  this earth to maker her so cruel? Why Athena have you forsaken us? 6/9/14

Your word Your place, Your work Your Mark

No force or strings, bribes, promises or laws will keep me from my stake and claim. The time has come for the fight once feared, now bragged about, cold is end of the sad day when you turn to a retreat more shameful than the french. The cities belong to the pedestrians but they wereContinue reading “Your word Your place, Your work Your Mark”