Swoons on the Untested Nightly

Owl Street lamp forms swoons on on the untested nightly, crossed lives spread ancient powder on even older remedies and cures. Blessed be the color of night, to hide my honest virgin truth. Their soul is truth in my soul any remedy, free of heart, yet all of soul, all of soul. Yet free ofContinue reading “Swoons on the Untested Nightly”

This word, Love.

My heart is open to all. My soul is an open book, for love is a universal character even the poorest and the meanest and the most sad and the most spiteful and the most lonely have loved, or still love, or forever love. Where is your love? Have you none? Then you have someContinue reading “This word, Love.”

The End of Apathy: A Call to Consciousness

I grow weary and annoyed with the shallow arbitrary nature of this world’s public.  Where there should be empathy there is apathy.  Where there should be curiosity there is stupidity.  Where there should be patience there is not only impatience but intolerance.  Where there should be understanding there is ignorance.  Where there should be romanceContinue reading “The End of Apathy: A Call to Consciousness”