What Ego Delivered

What ego delivered

in these envious lyrics.

Envious lyrics,

timeless, seamless,

and bought in.

All bought in, soul,

heart, mind, body,

and more mind

than body and even

less soul.

Less soul, less and deprived,

less and known soul,

less soul, in honesty

burden known,

known, and none.


I am Indeed Captain on my ship named Invictus

I escape into a dreary

ponder of the night

not under any new narcotic

but one less.

A semi sober mind and life

afresh to bring my

word to soul.

I am captain now,

Yes certain of my soul once


What saved me were these

few words, even

my own.

Did words not save us from 

the beasts?

Are our words not how truth

must be sung.


Beyond The Red Cloud

Beyond the red cloud

lies the begotten foe.

His intent spoken aloud,

his goal your wandering


Off it runs behind the

trees and cowers in the


THe soul is your coward,

It is what makes you afraid

off it runs behind the clouds

and leaves you without its


And off it lies behind the 

trees, cowering

and afraid.

It cowers, shrieks, fears and 

runs away.

But hopefully its courage will 

return and so will it,

one day.


To Find My Docile Cause

To find my docile


My own draft

of soul and


Driven by the

Charges recourse,

by the agents

of fortunes pain

of maturities

trial nature,

what humid steam

of humor would

elicit the reactions

of film’s martyrs,

why cannot our acts of

past retributes

speak for themselves.



always speaking of



Who be Brave and Bold



The Soul of Which

my eyes decree

Have but a day of

life’s glee.

Beyond the soul and

mind and matter behold.

Prepare for a test, of

those brave and bold.

The story which will

forever be untold.

Untold and forgotten

buried by the rule

of chance

Rights surrendered

beyond circumstance,

and no stance behold

Fails to no man

who be brave and



This word, Love.


My heart is open to all.

My soul is an open book,

for love is a universal character

even the poorest and

the meanest

and the most sad

and the most spiteful

and the most lonely

have loved, or still love,

or forever love.

Where is your love?

Have you none?

Then you have some

of mine.

Love can only be returned

by sharing such love

and losing such love.

Yes, such a word is a trifle

to a modern warped scholar,

but to the artist and the


it is a constant.  It is all.

It holds to truth

guides to truth

Is truth.

That is love,

That is the love that is

and shall forever be my