B is for the word Beautiful and Words do No one Justice

Her name started with B B is for Beautiful It was in a book I read as a child. B is for beautiful beautiful, only a word, who so, so fair, so true, could so be limited to the  realm that is only so thin yet so powerful,              Continue reading “B is for the word Beautiful and Words do No one Justice”

Strong Coffee, Cigarettes, and Other Poetic Cliches

Some strong coffee, a bottle of Vino and a french cigarette and before you know it your a regular Jean Paul Satre. A resource for the masses for unwise wisdom. A wisdom that bares no profit is the most profitable of wisdom said a very wise unwise-man. Who knew that words are currency to some?Continue reading “Strong Coffee, Cigarettes, and Other Poetic Cliches”

Morn and Mortuary

Fear benign of exile are taken away by belief. Lonely haze, and there are no other descriptions. Ode to the addictions rush, always in the underhand bridge of night. Magnetic in disillusion by abstract bubble and vomit. Gifted oils and silver In morn and mortuary of their lad and frequent previous owners. Always excited byContinue reading “Morn and Mortuary”

A Very Long Title for a Relatively Short Poem

Sit now and humor another trip and lack of sync. Another ball of wayward words and finished concepts, Of both the joy and the road that is behind. So only measured by  your fellow man. What hidden smile? What constance of any question? Well rounded in the serpent and the cycles both. So it isContinue reading “A Very Long Title for a Relatively Short Poem”