Wasted Time, a poem

Wasted Time So do we fall sweetly against the brittle gunk and waste the very minutes of a peaceful ending. So it was written, and spoken, and so shall it be written down again. Many sit, wait, and wonder when.

So Many (A life Well Lived) a poem

So many tears, So many years, So many fears, So many beers. So many jokes, So many tokes. So many drugs, So many hugs. So much pain, So much gain. These are the things to live for, So many things, And so many more.

Commodity, You Are Not Your Surplus Value (a Socialist poem about humanity)

Commodity Everything from the human spirit to dignity has become a commodity. Oceans boil, Flowers wilt, And blood is spilled everywhere. We hold the wrong people to the worst scrutiny, and we continue to masterbate ourselves with patriotism. Commodities, Our time, Our minds and training, Just means to our bosses ends, only because they haveContinue reading “Commodity, You Are Not Your Surplus Value (a Socialist poem about humanity)”

There is no… | A socialist poem about the class war and liberty

There is no… There is no socialism without democracy. There is no liberation without inclusivity. There is no peace while there is class war. There is no dignity while there is no privacy. There is no freedom without change. There is no hope without the people.

A Poem For The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court Was the worst of sort Who fucked things up big time. Janus and Dred Scot I kid you not Proved that they are swine.

Neo twist Incarnate

Neo twist incarnate, grounded, the spirit does see all. Bleeding, seeped ink and stained counters, tell repulsive truths about law and attraction. Power, proof positive, and old open bottles,  and wounds. Sink now, not built to last, only to kill a few minutes. History, at the touch of a button. Do you not have theContinue reading “Neo twist Incarnate”


Validation, a poc-mark meaningless of marketing. We shop and our parking is validated by a disillusioned merchant. This dilludes our truth, the epidemic that is seething, seeking of other’s validation. “My Big Fake Breasts! Validate me pigs!” “My freedom to poison, and hate! Validate me society!” “Validate my fear! Validate my anger! Make me valid…”Continue reading “Validation”

The Meaning of Meaning

The question seems like a cliché in our jaded post modern millenial world; “What is the meaning of life?” But I put forth an alternative question, an expansion on the semantics of the words above. I.e., “What is the meaning of meaning?” A seemingly simple question if we stick to the absolute literal, that isContinue reading “The Meaning of Meaning”

A Hand Over the Heart Does Not Feed a Hungry Child

Our content Mass production, due favors in south outlier and a perisistant traveller’s call for a prayer of peace. Tell me kid, did you know there was a future in such a romaceless field? Distracted petty feuds as it all begins to crumble and become rebuilt. Violence and rhetoric in the names of things likeContinue reading “A Hand Over the Heart Does Not Feed a Hungry Child”

Chartered Words, Uncensored

Synonymous desperation, sacrificing morals, principles, and an upbringing, just to eat and bare shelter. The guilds and fealties of our past, are only more passive now, but they are still real. Diverted funds feed me dinner, and the shame of another sacrificed oath is flushed along with my humors, and vile contempt otherwise hidden fromContinue reading “Chartered Words, Uncensored”