Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 8

Chapter 8  Missing Raincoats


Jack awoke the next morning to a hot coed with long hair and bangs snoring next to him, completely naked.  As she stayed asleep while hugging the pillow to her side, Jack stared at her ass that was twice as big and better than the tan girl’s from Boise.  He remembered her name miraculously, Ann.

She consented that she forgot his name too, and he told her that it was Jack.  She had changed since the last night.  He didn’t remember her voice being so high pitched.  He also didn’t notice how chipper this girl was.  It was as if she didn’t even have a hangover which both surprised and impressed him.


“So, would you wanna get some breakfast?” she asked not bullshitting, genuinely interested in sharing more time with Jack.


“Um, sure.” He conceded,  but he didn’t hesitate in exempting himself from further responsibility.    As pretty as the girl was Jack was in no position to be starting anything serious.  “I’m sure you can tell by the fact that I’m in a motel that I’m not a permanent resident.”


She smiled and relieved Jack.  Literally, she reassured him by jerking him off while she said this;


“Guys aren’t the only ones who like to have fun.” She timed it perfectly so that she said it right when he came all over her clenched yet soft, delicate fist.


Jack was surprised.  This girl was giggly, pretty in a Pink brand tee, but she was feisty at the same time.  She was the femme fatale you always see in movies but never in real life, thought Jack.  He started wondering if this was real life.


His philosophical thoughts ended as he lugged his hungover and recently sexed up self out of bed.  He got dressed and was soon off at a diner shooting the breeze with Ann.  She did most of the talking, occasionally asking Jack, “What do you think?” and then carried on again after Jack gave his one sentence answers.


They separated after breakfast.  She walked away smiling chipper and with a spring in her step.  Jack was glad they parted ways finally.  He did enjoy watching her marvelous big sturdy booty move as she strutted down the street back to her sorority sisters.

Jack went home alone and finished Crime and Punishment.  He smiled the entire way through and was glad to be alone again.

When he passed out he slept for a good hour, but then was awoken by one of those sudden thoughts that come leaping out at you from the dead of nowhere in your mind.

Soon, Jack panicked and jumped out of his bed and went through every scrap of garbage in every garbage can in his hotel room.


He knew he probably flushed the thing, but usually the wrapper was just left out or was in a waste paper basket.


Jack couldn’t find the condom or the wrapper anywhere.

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