Sweet Lady of our Mass Production.

Over-packaged literature, and mass production. Where is our savior street artist now? Do not patronize me, for better or worse there must be benevolence to art. The romantic dialoque of the starving struggle is no movie based happy ending. For in real life, the story carries on the next day. 9/15/15

New Word

New word, passive lacking in detail, no lie, just late facts and a painful shrug. Tedious narcotic anxiety and an even older annoying habit. We are in fact addicted to our emotions, and some are more toxic than heroin. Anger kills brain, and fear, the heart. Trapped in adolescent disposition, a generation, of late lies.Continue reading “New Word”

The Story’s Answer Epilogue

I am waiting  for a show that will give me no answers only ideas, but what comes with ideas? Perspective, new soul, satire of the ex soul, ex self, self, not self, know the self, to remove the self? Does this make sense? Do humans look for philosophy by nature? Is it pertinent to theContinue reading “The Story’s Answer Epilogue”

The Story’s Answer Part 6

Evolutions artistic plunder, fort me my due free film my art my propaganda take your chair and look away to another means, ignore self free of thy fate. Here is my tale fallen  and risen. Rise chant Rise Rise Rise fate love Rise, Rise, listen fortune, to do as told but not done, never finishedContinue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 6”

The Story’s Answer Part 5

How many nights? How many hours? How many words? Efforts? Deeds? Projections? Rejections? Real and imposed, now over, now true, not repeated. This is an unknown that is even unknown so unknown the unknown knows nothing of its own unknown. Rhythm all these such no know no rest, no rest for the wicked, none forContinue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 5”

The Story’s Answer Part 4

War, no, fear, no, Crime, no,  Game! Simply game! Game for identity. Game for group and safety. Game for instinct, Game for the pursuit but not gain of truth. But what is to gain truth? What is to gain knowledge? Where is any truth? Is this my page? Is this my night? Damn this me!Continue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 4”

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 14

Chapter 14  The Happy Couple   Jack had finished the story by the time Kate was long out of the shower. Now that he had come to, he decided that although the author of these stories was very talented he was also greatly disturbed, or at least in a very dangerous state of mind whenContinue reading “Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 14”

The Story’s Answer Part 3

I did not mean it, I did not mean to, I did not wish to burn my scripts and lines but I did, I did it as a projection of my own dreary  ways. Blue hearts to black, that is the lyric, that is what I did  with my poetic paints, So forevermore, I mustContinue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 3”

The Story’s Answer. Part 2

There is no day, There is no hour, There is no time which cannot be used for the sake that our sweet and public did. To do right is to act, To justify is inexcusable. Truth is the only merit to truth As it should be, I have kept silence in my place that wasContinue reading “The Story’s Answer. Part 2”

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 Fun Playing God Needless to say our star crossed lovers spent that night in each others arms.  In fact they had spent every night for the last three weeks in each others arms.  Never had either one been so happy, so warm, so full of joy. Kate was used to men being douche-bags,Continue reading “Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 13.”

The Story’s Answer. Part 1

Wretched hours, Cursed cliches yet sinfully, regrettably again, I write these words with a mind of conflict and a heavy heart. Thoughts and my body twisted and wrangled and always so mother bloody fucking constant. Find no pattern in these words, yet please do, For although there is no story here, There indeed is, andContinue reading “The Story’s Answer. Part 1”

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 12

Chapter 12  I’m With The Band   The next morning they all awoke one by one at the early hour of dawn.  They all rubbed their twinging necks and backs and gave each other shit for being so stupid for sleeping sitting up on the couches, especially these couches which they found in a scrapContinue reading “Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 12”

So Many Times

Ah so many times, So many times did this practice bring no practice but remains practical. No trivial soft images necessary for imagery We are all but imagery within ourselves, “Copies of Copies” as that book once said. Writing creates monsters, for better or worse. That monster, is audience, fans, and fiends. Fiends and leeches,Continue reading “So Many Times”