Scream o Thought


A question and

an answer.

Pour me my reward

so that I can choke

another humor.

I love nothing

but the beats

and the rhythms and


Prophetic screams,

Makeshift call,

Vetoed votes

pure balance,

outward stance

Scream of thought

Scream of Idea


and Call of

All and Yet

of None

Yet of All

Yet of 

Censor by Poe

and old diluted


Scream o


Scream o thought

and beacon.

Scream o thought

is no blind share

is caught.

Scream on thought,

work on deed,

and scream on.


And End Suddenly

Don’t Stop,

Don’t Stop for any reason

unless you fall on

a moment of violence

and foul the stain

of good names for

the sake of anything

that goes on unbeknownst 

to such a man

or woman

or child.

Who could so be called

of unbenign virtue,

of we and hubris.

Fallen and risen have their


pay no due,

yes pay due

and end suddenly. 


When the Mind Goes Free

Radio production

of a hallucination

and hallucinogenic 

splendor and fun

while the estute

minds of an 

aborted playground


There minds swell,

and die yet

live and thrive.

Some think dubstep

has taken over the world,

others smoke the bong and

preach but have no idea

who Cornel West is.

Preach on to the sweet music

which drugs me out.

I care not 

for the consequences 

and I mean it.

It is not some

bullshit poeticless 


It is true.

I care not what

occurs in the morrow.

Just so long as I have a good


Party on.

Party hardy.

It’s all we have left.


Rhetorical Questions

Do we call to arms our

great minds for the sake

of their minds?

Do we not sit upon

thrones made of African

machine guns?

Are these thrones not

sitting in the Louvre

or the British Museum?

Does vanity become

a bi product of consciousness,

or consciousness a bi product

of vanity?

Are we slaves to our emotions?

Or are our emotions slaves

to us?

Are we ever going to find an


Or, is there no answer

to find?