Stay Forgotten

Moan whisper

on languid apparatus


elaborate smooth scream.

Easy through beneath


Need tell about a bore

and blue lust

Feet from shot

together only next away.

Near want and not trudge

incubate then frantic road

as power

at play like less

than have

sing said true.

Sordid show under white,

black, and

some delicate sin

essential recall

mad language

or repulsive eternity,

bare why who all

and shine void


Kindly market alibi

Devine by still water

liquor and science.

Sited undeserving

sounds of missing

limbs and generic


Aging by there what

only treatment

and pasted magazine

Sudden shell shock

by the even trudging

of fast, pace

and undue sight

heart and congress

posted to the sad

local regals.

Gained of what.

Printed restful guest.

Treated martian

of the show.

This gratitude


This statue no

martyr to

the begging

ask of garden

tattoos and

days of curious

wandering over

before they even


Walked out and

about with a

sweet smile and

a cared for face.

No hidden lose,

or hidden

sudden growth of


Crossing thresholds

of all and any kinds

latin and greek posters

of forgotten

and lost languages.

Hours pass, the

law returns.

Forgotten posts

once again

stay forgotten


Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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