Peaked and Pointless : Part 4 (Conclusion)

So was sought and so was wasted. Wasted in a constant stream and a constant strobe. Loathed, and feared, and loathed forever. Shall such a strong dispose to such hate and loathing, so unending in it’s trivial endless trivial peakless trivial in its constant. In its endless and despised. Such is the release the freedContinue reading “Peaked and Pointless : Part 4 (Conclusion)”

Peaked and Pointless : Part 3

So endless and annoyed Despite such marks in an eye much lost and much so, much so and much ever so in such a trivial naked, drunken phase. Hopes and prayers to your sweet death, hopes and prayers to the end of such a ritual that is so and is so. Was so, was everContinue reading “Peaked and Pointless : Part 3”

Peaked and Pointless : Part 1

Peaked and pointless in such a fort and fortitude blatant marked and trivial wasted in the leaked and marked hours that is the night. So that which goes on so progresses so, stretched so and is pointless trivial selfish and marked of ego. Be full and filled with such a nonsense so deadly and so suchContinue reading “Peaked and Pointless : Part 1”