2011, a poem (part 1 of 10)

This is the first installment in a series of ten poems summarizing the previous decade. 2011 Let me take youback to a timewhen flip phonesweren’t passe,when Obamawas still considereda “progressive”,when Party Rockanthems and electricdaisies bukaketo Lisa Ann on Twitterinstead of beggingfor big mommy milkerson TikTok.Back to a timewhen “we got ’em!”and despite what thesketch comedyContinue reading “2011, a poem (part 1 of 10)”

I’m 29 G*ddamit (poem)

When I was a teen I never thought I would make it to 30. I drank myself blind. I’ve had more smoke inside of me than a fucking chimney. I’ve dabbled in suicide. I was in a carwreck that crippled me, but even that couldn’t kill me. I’ve gotten death threats, but no one hasContinue reading “I’m 29 G*ddamit (poem)”

The Planet Is On Fire (poem)

The planet is on fire, but the Kardashians are still relevant. The planet is burning but here is another think piece about why Bernie “isn’t really a socialist.” The planet is burning but remember how great the (insert decade you were born)’s were? – The planet is on fire but let’s talk about why youContinue reading “The Planet Is On Fire (poem)”