When Trump Was President I Thought I Could Become The Next Lenin (poem)

There was time in my life when I thought I could be the next Lenin. A statesmen, a writer, and a leader? What’s not to like? Who was to say I couldn’t be a triple threat like him? But I’m too unprofessional to be a professional revolutionary. And Lenin didn’t have to put up withContinue reading “When Trump Was President I Thought I Could Become The Next Lenin (poem)”


Before he was Captain Jean-Luc Piccard, Before he was Professor Xavier, Before he was Stan Smith’s boss, He was the greatest revolutionary of the early 21st century. So after seeing this, who else is going to hunt down a copy of Fall of Eagles? I sure am. Enjoy comrades! 🙂

A bunch of Communists walk into a bar…

One day Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, and Rosa, arose from the grave and decided to all go out drinking. The more they drank the more they decided to debate about theory. Lenin and Rosa got into an argument about democratic centralism. Stalin punched Trotsky when they started arguing about state capitalism. And Mao just leftContinue reading “A bunch of Communists walk into a bar…”

Rare footage of Trotsky Speaking English, Denouncing Stalin

I try to avoid the whole personality cult thing, but I have to say it is so cool to hear him actually speak. Trotsky was right about many things, wrong about some, but right about most. 😉

6 things you believe about communism that are not true (My First Listicle)

Apparently this is the only way people read on the internet now. It has also become apparent that I need to prove I can write in this format. But if we are going to do a listicle then we are going to do listicles my way, about things I like, and I like Communism. SO!Continue reading “6 things you believe about communism that are not true (My First Listicle)”

Against Personality Cults

The largest obstacle to creating a united radical left in the United States is the ongoing perpetuation of personality cults. Personality cults inevitably lead to revisionism when we discuss popular socialist thinkers or leaders and this revisionism fuels the sectarianism of the True Left. This sectarianism keeps us from accomplishing things like stopping reactionary stateContinue reading “Against Personality Cults”