First Draft Hero (poem)

First draft hero! No class zero. Oh, did you not know that poetry is a business now? Everything is. Hustle away… Hustle away… The 1980s didn’t end they just turned into reality tv. First draft hero changes the font half way through. Those listening to this poem can’t hear it. But I changed the fontContinue reading “First Draft Hero (poem)”

Cruel Reality, a poem for our times

Cruel Reality A classic song screams out through my radio, “We won’t get fooled again!” Unless we don’t pay attention in history class, Or worse, when we don’t bother to ask any questions. Yet soft, Do not let your words enable “deconstruction.” Fight on weirdos, fight on freaks, Fight on. Stanza 2, the part whereContinue reading “Cruel Reality, a poem for our times”