To Be Called a Red

To transcend labels, this was my original life’s goal. To walk the path of life thinking about nothin but the soul. ____ But obsession with the soul, with meaning and existence, is a waste of breath and privilege, and all of it a heart blockage to resistance. ______ Then one day after much trial andContinue reading “To Be Called a Red”

I’m a Poet not a Pundit

Recently, I finished my term as the co-chair of my chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Until now I had been in a leadership position at some capacity for the last 3 years. Now I have the time to return to my creative work. While I loved my time in leadership, I am exhausted.Continue reading “I’m a Poet not a Pundit”

The Professional Protester #32 Warren Should be Secratary of Education, not Treasurer | The Professional Protester on Patreon

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