February 27, 2022

I just ate four hamburgers and drank a beer, but war were declared. I’ve been drunk for 5 days, but war were declared. I’d go to sleep wanting to cry, but war were declared. I like to rewatch Futurama when I’m sad, but war were declared.

Iran, a poem 🇮🇷

Remember Persepolis? The little girl from Iran we read about as teenagers? Well, she’s a real person by the way, And so are the thousands in Iran set to die. Soliders and civilains both have the same color of blood, The same goes for Americans and Iranians. Be proud of being born on the dirtContinue reading “Iran, a poem 🇮🇷”

My Bell of Victory

How many innocent souls have we, abandoned on the spike, impaled to sweet torture and hell worse doom. Fate to cruel to be real, and yet it is. Low, our canons war cry, will ever scare nor impress me, for that chime in  the distance is my bell of victory. 6/9/14