Underground Radio

In 2118 all music had been made illegal 30 years ago by the Administration. The Administration had decreed “Music promotes diversity. Diversity is the enemy. One nation, one race, one people.”

Donnie’s Daddy, A short story by James J. Jackson, Jr.

Donnie dropped the comb into the gold plated bathroom sink again for what felt like the billionth time. “FUCK!” Donnie screamed in frustration. Donnie hated how the stubby fingers on his tiny hands could never get a firm grip on anything they tried to hold. He fished the comb out of the sink bowl andContinue reading “Donnie’s Daddy, A short story by James J. Jackson, Jr.”

The Death of Hombar, Part 2

 II One day, they told him he was going to get to go home. They loaded him onto a primitive mass transport with the other prisoners. On Earth it was called a “bus” he would learn.  “We call this garbage,” thought Hombar, a mass transport, on wheels no less, and it even ran on petroleumContinue reading “The Death of Hombar, Part 2”