Sonnet 18 Revisited, a poem

Shall I compare thee to a summer sweat?

Thou art more sticky, unwanted and unpleasant.

Rough wings smelling of piss do flow wild as you speak,

And your public lease is illegitimate.

Sometimes too hot your words break,

And often is other complexions marked to for sin.

And every justice spirited.

By chance our natures changing course, you win,

But summer swelters always end.

No power you have is fair, throughout!

And death will grab you, gold will not ascend,

When eternal lines to time thrown out.

So long as we can breathe or see,

You are ruing my life’s prosperity.

Alike in Dignity and Shame

Two lovers from households

both alike in dignity,

can art not intertwine?

Were the sonnets

not dedicated to a man?

Is chaotic the nature

of that shock.

I stand before you,

guilty of a weak


babbling in a constant

repetitive motion.

Shakespeare, you must

be ashamed.


Saint’s and the Gold Ink


Saints bargain

      night on valor

shoots for the

         secure voyeur.

Very interesting,

rid the plan

for fault and


Plain view

in relevance.



I please do beg

of romance.

Of burden

        chapter past

      of social

               self legislation



and the self

and writer in

strong gold ink.


Luck’s Valiant Fortune


Luck’s valiant fortune

is a blessing on this

rotten state of nature.

Hallowed be the night

sky and purple morn.

Token by the word of

mouth does a story


Only to be lost within

the sorts of time.

Stated be the structure

of sorts, and told this

tale in time.

It will be mocked, tweaked,

and changed over time.



Memories of a Former Sooth


Trademark fits,

memories of a former sooth

resting on the tranquil wall.

Watched swoon in

tension of an 

American past.

Stanza and colorful report

of what ends its relevance

in the stakes 

of bursted bubbles.

No golden age,

all millions lost

so in crop

and trapped.

Trapped and rooted and 

pumped in band

and another word needlessly twisted.

This is no word,

and it doesn’t matter anymore.