The Battle, The Ballad, and The Girl: Part II

The Cards of logic 

stop man from such fates.

Yet no.

The cruel man lay down

at the hands of the other.

A smoking barrel

and sting paranoia 

as the rush away began.

So lies dead the worthless soul that did rob our hero.

So off into the world of fugative he did run.

With no heart



or plan.

His love was gone

his deed was done.

There was no more to his life

than one on the run.

But soft, our lofly hero is lost and way ward after

his deed.

No purse,

no home,

no allies but she was gone in the winds

of loss and time.

But he did find shelter in the home

and heart

of a woman he did despise.

Her lust and cunning shattered his heart once before,

but her lust did twindle and he did walk away the victor,

but it was so in the cards that be

that he did return to her arms.

Only for warmth,

Only for shelter

and she did welcome him in,

and at the time she did have her evil, and lusty smile.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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