Ah, but Soft in a Kiss

Ah, but soft in a kiss and then gone. This is not a love poem but a poem of lust lost, lust lost but found afresh and anew. A new lust and spring, cleansed of spite of old and self. A return of not and never return need be to the rhyme and timing ofContinue reading “Ah, but Soft in a Kiss”

The Battle, The Ballad, and The Girl : Part IV

Well now our lies in the bowels and rags of the cage. Malnurished and nothing, He walks in and out day in day out each for his trials. Guilty with no remorse,  and locked away. Our hero does go, for now he is at his low. No love, No home, No woman, and no allie.Continue reading “The Battle, The Ballad, and The Girl : Part IV”