A little boy is missing half his face in Syria,

A secretary and a TV star are having a battle royale,

it’s for the ratings,

it always has been,

Meanwhile an honest old man follows all the rules

he promises to break,

a little birdie told me he was too honest,

too good for a job where he would have

had to kill.

No, save tyranny for the tyrants our little birdie, 

you are too sweet,

too beautiful.

I would not soil a peakcock feather

by using it as a quil or a knife to stab you in the back.

Our secretary did,

and every president since Berlin fell did,

Now a Syrian boy is missing half his face.

Racists feel legitimized after years of silence,

like a supressed ejaculation.

Speak louder you idiots,

you willful ignorants,

you who still believe our skin or our cocks

define anything but our skin or our cocks.

Ah, but I repeat myself,

and every other social justice artist warrior,


No need to write a poem,

I’m sure someone already created a meme that says it all best

in 140 characters or less.

Want the media to say you’re right,

or that you even exist?

Better put your truth into a soundbite.

Career politicians,

and reality TV stars,

oh the soundbites galore.

The never ending “swing to the left” rhetoric

but always followed with a blinding right hook,

all the same,

and every year.

“Liberals” are cowards

LIBERALS are real progressives,

and conservatives are just a waste of sperm and oxygen.

Quite literally now, with every Truck they buy and 

abortion they stop with a Colt or Magnum 45.

Living wastes, 

so what does that make me?

The patron saint of pointing out 

the obvious.

Here is the obvious goddamnit,

a Vietnamese girl still has burn scars

and no clothes,

and a Syrian boy is missing half his face.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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