Election 2016: as explained by elevator etiquette 

Clinton is the kind of person that wont hold the elevator door open because its awkward to ride in the elevator with a stranger. Its like “yeah thats shitty but considering that elevators suck can I really judge her?” Where as Trump is the prick who will actually press the door close button. I thinkContinue reading “Election 2016: as explained by elevator etiquette “


A little boy is missing half his face in Syria, A secretary and a TV star are having a battle royale, it’s for the ratings, it always has been, Meanwhile an honest old man follows all the rules he promises to break, a little birdie told me he was too honest, too good for aContinue reading “2016”

Why I Am Not Excited About Hillary Clinton, Despite Being a Feminist.

It’s not enough to just vote for the first woman president, just because you vote for a “historic” candidate doesn’t mean they’ll change shit, look at Barack Obama.  Race and gender don’t compensate for the fact people like Obama or Hillary Clinton are political insiders, inbedded with the same people and corporations who create ourContinue reading “Why I Am Not Excited About Hillary Clinton, Despite Being a Feminist.”