I Hate Donald Trump (a poem)

Donald Trump

Liked to hump

Everything he’d see.

It is no lie,

His shut down made them die,

The man is patriarchy.

His face I dread,

I wish he’d drop dead,

To restore peace and liberty.

Your Weekly Presidential Address (a socialist feminist poem about Donald Trump)

Your Weekly Presidential Address

Your weekly address,

Your daily lie,

Your frothing anger,

Your excuses and hate,

Your rape culture,

Your racism,

Your warped sense of reality.

Hail to the chief,

Long live the great leader.

Your weekly address,

Your dying hope,

Your source of evil.

Keith Ellison Should Resign

Keith Ellison’s ex-girlfriend is accusing him of verbal and physical abuse. The accusations include stories where Ellison dragged his ex by her hair from their bed and berated her in front of her children constantly.

Ellison has denied the charges and recently won his primary election for Michigan’s Attorney General.

Ellison was a progressive favorite to takeover as DNC chair but lost to centrist liberal Tom Perez. He represents the Berniecrat wing of the party and was a popular choice because of his support for Bernie and his stance against the party’s use of superdelegates.

Groups that have endorsed Ellison such as Our Revolution have made no comment about the allegations. Bernie Sanders who has also supported Ellison strongly in the past, has made no public comment about the allegations either.

I have supported Ellison and was one of the people hoping he would end up taking over the DNC. I now rescind any support I had for him in the past and think he should step down.

Ellison should resign immediately. There is always the possibility that the allegations are false, that they are an attempt at character assassination for either political or personal reasons. However, such a defense will only make the socialist and progressive dialogue more problematic. We do our movement no favors when we ignore such allegations or excuse them for any reason.

We also do ourselves no favors if we pick and choose which victims to believe. As a whole we must put victims first and listen to their stories because deciding to come forward with accusations like this can be traumatic in of itself. Much like when Al Franken was accused liberals leaped to his defense because his accuser was a Trump supporter. Progressives and socialists should avoid this folly at all costs. Ellison has every right to deny the charges and prove his innocence, but not at the cost of the movement.

If Ellison is allowed to continue running in the public sphere while these allegations are coming forward it can only hurt the movement. It will play into liberal and capitalist fodder about sexism on the left, that socialists and progressives don’t actually care about all the victims of domestic abuse or sexual crimes. This is inherently not true because to be a socialist means to be a feminist and therefore to pursue the end of rape culture, and such a culture will only be defeated if we put victims first. Even if Ellison is innocent, continuing to run and serve in public office while such allegations are coming forward will hurt progressive causes. It should not be on the movement to prove Ellison innocent it is on Ellison himself.

Ellison’s ex deserves justice, and Ellison deserves a chance to prove his innocence, and the movement deserves to be a place free from enabling abuse. If we do not take the accusations against him seriously we run the risk of alienating other victims of domestic abuse from our cause. This would ultimately kill the movement in my opinion and therefore it should not be a burden placed on us. If this is truly a personal matter, as Ellison says it is, then he should be the one to deal with the consequences, not the progressive movement.

In short, Ellison should resign and end his campaign immediately. The charges against him are for him to face, not for the movement to whitewash, ignore, or excuse.

Tony Robbins; Sexist, Quack, and Enemy of the Working Class

This morning videos from Now This went viral on twitter showing Tony Robbins belittling the Me Too Movement. In the video he rants against living under a sense of “victimhood” and says women are using the movement to foster “anger” and make themselves “significant by destroying others.”

In the video we also see a woman named Nannie McCool confront him about his belittlement of the movement, during which he actively intimidates her in-front of a large crowd in San Jose by pushing her back and walking against her. McCool, a survivor of sexual abuse, stood her ground.

“You are doing a disservice to the Me Too movement.” McCool maintained, with McCool confidence I might add and to applause from women in the crowd.

Robbins, in his ever so bizarre straw-man fashion, told the crowd of a story about a client who would not hire a woman because of looks as if it would help his case.

Much has already been written about how full of shit Tony Robbins is. George Carlin has one of the best comedy routines in the world about how there is no such thing as “Self help.”

“If you buy a book that tells you how to do something, that’s not self help, THAT’S HELP. Plus if you do something yourself, then you didn’t need any help.” – RIP George.

But what bothers me the most about Tony Robbins and his capitalization on the anachronistic “by your bootstraps” American dialect, well actually that’s it completely. Tony Robbins and his industry of self help books and seminars are part of what I call the “industry of alienation,” the capitalization of alienation directly. We are already alienated from the products of our labor and we are consistently sold this lie that work and resources are a scarcity so we must be in competition with each other, and therefore must help the “self” before we help a comrade and fellow worker. What Tony Robbins does is perpetuate this myth of competition and cashes in on it directly by selling his books and putting the delusion in his followers minds that they will one day be millionaires.

This outing of Robbins as a sexist shows how inherent patriarchy is to the capitalist structure. The Me Too Movement is liberating women from silence about abuse in the work place and their immediate environment, and in the process powerful white men are facing public scrutiny in ways they never had before. Tony Robbins can now be added to this list thanks to McCool and the retweeting thumbs of twitter users. Yet what is most important to remember is that this liberation from abuse and belittlement will help women and therefore the whole working class unite. Never forget that most of the population is women and therefore the labor force in this world both domestic and industrial is that of women. I am unaware of McCool’s politics and doubt she identifies as a radical, leftism is still marginal especially for people who would attend a Tony Robbins seminar in the first place. However this action did oust this man as the patriarchal douche and therefore class enemy that he is.

Much has already been written about the intersectionality of capitalism and patriarchy and much more eloquently so, but the recent Tony Robbins fiasco is a perfect example of how people like Robbins perpetuate the divide amongst workers and prevent us from uniting against our capitalist oligarchs.

Much has also already been written about how Tony Robbins is a quack and a fraud. I remember two years ago people were rushed from his seminar to treat severe burns on their feet from walking on hot coals. Yet I decided to do a little research myself on Tony Robbins.

First of all, the man did not go to college. Now this is not a defense of academia inherently nor is it criticism of those who chose not to attend college for whatever reason. Yet my point is that with no qualifications besides his anecdotal experience, painful though parts of it clearly are, anecdotes are not training. His stories about a sad home life or his celebrity clients or constant name drops, these things are not degrees in sociology, economics, nor psychology. He has no basic training in anything.

The companies he has founded or has stake in also generate a combined income of $6 billion a year. Forbes put Robbins net worth at $480 million in 2015.

Robbins is not a friend of the worker, and as such he perpetuates sexism and the structures of capitalism which therefore chain us all. Self help is capitalist propaganda meant to perpetuate alienation. We must practice SELF CARE, not self help. We must rest, watch our health, drink water, and meditate or at least self reflect in order to restore ourselves and function at our best. What we must not do is delude ourselves with the constantly disprovable capitalist lie that good old American gumption is enough to over come creepy gropers at work and a racist imperialist super structure that robs us all of the wealth we generate. Self help is a lie, Tony Robbins is sexist danger to working class solidarity, and I just spent over 1,000 words stating the fucking obvious.

Let’s All Cop to Something Unpleasant,

I think it is no secret to the more informed us that the words of Hamlet’s mother have never been more true. “Methinks they do protest too much.”

The quicker any one is to defend why they are not sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or etc. is most blatantly trying to cover their inner bigot, which they have most likely already shown in one way or another.  This is an issue that transcends race, class, and political party.  What I mean by that is we are all guilty one way or another of a near sighted prejudice in our outlook and actions.  What I mean in turn by that is it does not matter who you are, you cannot grow up in a racist patriarchal society or a sexually oppressed society and not come out effected by it in your outlook one way or another. We are all racist, sexist, classist, genderist, or homophobic to some degree, and I do mean every, single, one of us. 

 Now I do not think it is in anyway all to the same degree.  It is impossible to equate the pain of the most oppressed individuals to that of the more privileged.  I in fact think it is the duty of the more privleged, especially my fellow straight white boys, to cop to our internalized prejudices, and there are alot of them.  Due to the expansive  nature of white male privelege we are definitly the ones with the most internalized prejudices, be them mysoginy, racism or bigotry of any kind.  However I do also think these prejudices have been internalized in all other races and in women as well, but I think it is to a lesser degree since society is only currently being restructured to account for them. I also think it is internalized in different ways, and in what ways I cannot vouch for since I do not have that realm of experience. All I can say is I have seen internalized prejudices everywhere, in my non white friends, in the lgbt community, in my feminist mother sister and grandmother, but especially in myself and that is what I acknowledge and wish to reconicle with the most.

I also want to make something else clear, I do not do or say any of this because of guilt. I nor anyone else should apologize for being born into their circumstance, privelege or not. However those of us who do have privelege, do not feel guilty, feel frustrated and then utlize that frustration to take action and listen to those who are oppressed under your privilege on how to help. I stand that white guilt is a wasted emotion in the fight for social justice because social guilt is a selfish act. This is not about your guilt as a white person, it is about the pain of those who lack your privilege, never for get that.  Guilt is not empathy, empathy is feeling the pain of others, guilt is making their pain about your own.

So in the spirit of what I have just said, let me just say my name is James, I consider myself proggressive, but because I am still a byproduct of my time and place in history I must confess that despite all my best efforts I am to some degree racist, sexist, classist, and probably trans or homophobic in ways I do not realize. However I do not want to be any of those things, and I know I will not always say or do things 100% on the right side of history, but I will do my best to listen to the poor, the non white, lgbtqa, and to women. I will not always do it right, but I will always do my best.

If You Are…

If you are black,

  your life matters to me.

If you are a woman,

  a man,

  or any gender or name,

  you are safe at night with me.

And if you are catcalled, raped, violeted or touched,

Reach out to me, 

and I will remind you just how strong you are.

You don’t have to take this shit anymore.

If you are trans,

and they come after you,

you can pee with me.

If you are gay and you still cant be with who you love

or be treated as equal

you are not forgotten.

If Nafta, debt, or capitalism left you dead in anyway,

inside or out,

you have a commrade in me.

If you are Muslim,

you are not a terrorist.

I will never let you be harassed.

And to you cowards,

you wimps and idiots,

fuck you.

 I am not afraid.

Your yells and your insults

Your guns, Ha esspecially your guns,

and your bullets, they are pathetic.

I am not afraid to die.

Each bullet will be worth looking you in the eye just to say

“You are still a loser.”

You always will be to.

I am not afraid of anything,

except what scum like you are doing to the children.

If you voted for him I am not afraid to give you the fight

you claim you can handle.

Enjoy no vindication moron, because you will be destroyed.

You will never succeed beyond one stupid day.

But if you were a victim of that day, know the grace

the money

and the privilege I have,

 I’ve thrown it in the fire

so we may burn fascism at the stake together.

If you were like me you know there is always an annoying little thing

that sings in all our ears called hope.

If you are like me you know there is no such thing as the end.

If you have a coat of fur

or a flesh of scales,

you will not perish so long as I walk the earth.


If you are on the sidelines still, 

if this is still the matter of a toss of a coin,

fuck off and die,

because  you are in our way,

and we have the enemy in our sights.

11/8/2016 11pm PST

Dear Fellow Self Proclaimed Male Feminists, or, How Not to Be James Deen

So anyone who has passed puberty & has an internet connection is aware of the current rape scandal & fall of porn star James Deen thanks to the bravery innitiated by Stoya.

What is especially troubling about these mounting accusations is that Deen was popular amongst men and women for being a self proclaimed sex positive male feminist.  The gruseome details with each accusation do not make such men appear as the legitimate progressives they claim to be.  Lane Moore of   Cosmopolitan   wrote an article which basically said a male feminist can just be a wolf in sheeps clothes, a cover for more nefarious purposes, which means women must be warry of men claiming to be their allies.  As if it weren’t hard enough for women to trust the people in the world around them, now they have to be even more careful trusting the people who are actually claiming to help.

I consider myself a sex positive male feminist, and the more men use cultural constructs to perpetuate unneccesary dominance the more divisive the issue of feminism will become and the more women will be unwilling to work with men to solve the issue.  No one is done any favors when a social movement is exploited for personal gain.  

Listeningto the different perspectives & frustrations on the issue, I think it is the job of male feminists to stop trying to dictate feminism as anything further than equality.  You can be a male and feminist, but it is the job as men in the movement to listen to women before we act and above all be genuine in what we say and how we act.  That is the most important thing.  Be genuine in what you say or do. mThe chances are you will not always be 100 on issues concerning women or objectification.  I may be a progressive but I am a male who is a product of the society we live in, and I am still undoing several moronic ideas about women I used to have.  But when I falter I assure you I do my best to shut up and listen.

I will say it again.  To use a movement for equality as a way to perpetuate any kind of dominance or manipulation is sickening.  I am doing my best to be genuine and listen, and hopefully I can learn what I can do to help foster change better and faster.  This will not undue the damage done by men like James Deen but it is something that we can in fact do here and now, and therefore have no reason not to.