Announcement: Blog Rebranding

I am happy to announce I will be moving all my prose to my newly rebranded patreon blog, The Weekly Protest. This webpage will be 100% for poetry henceforth. The funds from the patreon will help me to keep most of my poetry publishable for free. Poetry is for the people! Patreon also makes itContinue reading “Announcement: Blog Rebranding”

To Be Called a Red

To transcend labels, this was my original life’s goal. To walk the path of life thinking about nothin but the soul. ____ But obsession with the soul, with meaning and existence, is a waste of breath and privilege, and all of it a heart blockage to resistance. ______ Then one day after much trial andContinue reading “To Be Called a Red”

I’m a Poet not a Pundit

Recently, I finished my term as the co-chair of my chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Until now I had been in a leadership position at some capacity for the last 3 years. Now I have the time to return to my creative work. While I loved my time in leadership, I am exhausted.Continue reading “I’m a Poet not a Pundit”