It’s Wrong When It Stops Being Fun, A Poem

A wise man once said “It’s wrong when it stops being fun.” Well, I have to ask myself, has it? Has pining over the right word and cadence lost its spark? What, except the dark cloud that seeps its invisible cloak on my psyche, Keeps me from putting all for the gods and earthly kindContinue reading “It’s Wrong When It Stops Being Fun, A Poem”

When Our Wave Comes Crashing Down

“We were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.” A very famous line from the often too over-quoted hipster bible “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” but still it rings true despite all the near sighted hipsters who use it to enable their douchery. What rings true is how Hunter Thompson was theContinue reading “When Our Wave Comes Crashing Down”

Gonzo Poem

Stay Calm, Stay Calm Voltaire shall rise from his grave soon.  And Horatio Alger is in hell where he belongs. Just stay calm, hide the stash, have some wine And don’t look anyone in the eye. These people know you’re up to something, and when you don’t speak their language it’s a dead giveaway. JustContinue reading “Gonzo Poem”