Your Likes are My Crystal Meth

No ideas.

Writers block.

Fuck it, just put something on the page,

then hit post.

But what if it doesn’t make sense?

Doesn’t matter, hit post, keep posting.

Post post post.

You need the likes.

True, I’m fiending.

That means you’re addicted.

Yup, and twitter is my dealer.

You should quit.

You just told me to post.


Wtf is happening?

You’re confused.

No shit.

You’re addicted.

No shit.

I’m trying to help.

Fuck you, you never help, you just over think it all.

Fuck you back.

Go to hell.

Can’t, you can’t go to hell when you’re already there.

Fuck you.

Don’t forget to hit post.


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Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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