Capitalism Does Not Breed Innovation

Two words, purple ketchup.

They say that capitalism breeds creative innovation, that the free market allows for free thinking and in turn, creative freedom.

This “creative freedom” gave the world things like the Rejuvanique Face Mask, purple ketchup, and let us not forget the abysmal, “Cybertruck.”

I have no idea who reading this blog would need to hear this, but capitalism does not breed innovation, because people are inherently creative by nature and that natural creativity is what breeds our innovation, nothing more. In other words, people inherently breed innovation, not the systems which control people.

There is also this dated toxic notion that socialist states have never contributed to human innovation, as if places like the Soviet Union were nothing but backwards wastelands and not a world superpower with a gross domestic product equal to that of the United States.

The Rejuvenique face mask literally electrocuted your face and was sold as a cure for wrinkles.

This is not a defense of state socialism by the way, it is just important to note that socialist states like the USSR did infact contribute to the realm of innovation as any capitalist state has. The USSR gave us film school, theramins, anti air bomber tanks, medical procudures for broken bones, space suits, and more innovations to nuclear power than any other nation besides the U.S.

Dispel the myth from your head that it is the systems which breed innovation, innovation is a human quality, not a systemic one.

That said, there are systems that would encourage innovation more than others. Capitalism shakles innovation in a top down fashion. “You want funds for your invention? How will it profit me?”

In a socialist society, innovation would never be dependant on the good will of financial backers like the military or corporations. We would just be free to invent and create, especially if we did not have to worry about how we pay for health insurance, rent, or debt payments.

People are the innovaters, not capitalism.


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