Say my name!

Some of you may recall, Fox News doxxed me in August of 2019.

In a segment dedicated to harassing the DSA and myself, Tucker Carlson seemed to have an affinity for my name.

Tucker Carlson said my name, “James Jackson, from Sacramento,” at least 10 times in his 20 minute segment about me.

He did this the same week that there were two public shootings in one day, but whatever, he wanted to talk about me, that’s certainly respectful of the situation. (Insert Eyeroll Emoji Here!)

Truth be told, I think the only reason he gave me a whole segment of his show is because he loves saying my name, and I can’t blame him. James Jackson is a damn good, strong name, much better than Tucker Carlson.

No disrespect to the other Tuckers in the world, but “Tucker Carlson,” is a generic and uninspired name. James Jackson is the kind of name that lives on through history. It is a name that will be remembered, especially when it is the name of a writer. I honestly can’t imagine a more meaningless existence, a life that is less important to history, than the life of a cable news pundit.

Have fun saying my name Tucker, it will be in the history books long after your existence is forgotten thanks to the fact that no one actually loves or has ever loved you.

So Tucker, say my name!

James Jackson from Sacramento.


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