A blunt, personal argument in favor of #Medicare4All

Needless to say for those who have been keeping track, I am a strong supporter of Medicare for All and of socialized medicine.

These people will also remember that I was in a car accident last year, where I lost my ability to walk for months and, oh yeah, I almost died btw.

It should also be noted that my grandfather had Alzheimer’s and my father has a chronic blood condition.

I don’t think it is surprising that I feel very strongly about healthcare.

With all of that said, I think if you are against Medicare for All, then you are a terrible person.

I don’t have a coherent, intellectual point to make here. I just want people to know that I think people who put finances ahead of humanity are worse than scum, and that didn’t used to be a controversial stance but apparently it is now. When did it become not okay to call selfish idiots what they are, selfish idiots!?

Every person whose first concern is “How are we going to pay for it?” when we discuss Medicare for All, I just want to fucking slap them in the face while wearing a giant ring!

Real talk folks, I would be dead, I repeat, I would be DEAD, if it was not for Medi-CAL. If it was not for my states form of socialized medicine I would be a corpse.

Again, I repeat, because of SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, I am still alive. Idgaf how we pay for assuring everyone care but I’m pretty sure if we can afford to increase military spending by $700 billion a year we can muster up the funds for Medicare. Senators Cory Booker, Liz Warren, and Kamala Harris weren’t worried about how we pay for every increase to Trump’s military spending that they voted for, but now that we are talking about spending money on helping people instead of building bombs, suddenly we have to start being thrifty!?

When I hear “How do we pay for it?” What I really hear is “Money is a bigger concern to me than your human life.” Or I hear “I’d rather spend it on bombs.”

Human beings should not be allowed to have such a point of view.

I will not play nice nor be civil when it comes to accessing healthcare. Be it for the elderly, the disabled, for access to abortion, or for my own treatment. I refuse to be nice about what is a human right. Fuck the monetary mindset, it needs to be eradicated. I spit on anyone who is more concerned with capital and spending than with the sick and dying.

Give me my Medicare! Give me my socialized medicine! Give me my life you bastards!

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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