A Poem for Stephon Clark

Stephon Clark,

A Daddy of two,

Was shot twenty times,

Or was it twenty two?

You see, it’s so easy to get the little things mixed up,

Maybe that is why the cops

Told us three stories that were made up.

Sac PD, here our cries

You will continue to hear them,

The more that you spew lies.

SacPD, we do not want you.

SacPD, we do not need you.

These are the word of BLM

And they ring true.

To all our police, I say

We do not want or need you.

We will block you and scream,

You won’t see your favorite team,

Which by the way hasn’t even been good

Since 2000 and 3.

Have you seen the pictures of Stephon Clark?

With his baby clinging to his arms?

Have you seen the pictures of Stephon Clark?

With his children right next to his heart?

This could have been prevented,

This is true,

And the ones who could have prevented it,

Are not just me and you.

Did not the public demand some oversight

Of our callous police?

If I remember right,

They gave that job to the police?

Who watches the watchmen?

The question of our day.

Who watches out for Stephon Clark?

All of us.

We must do all that we may.

We must love and support one another,

The words of BLM again ring true.

These to me are more than just chants,

They will be the words to make evil finally rue.

Stephon Clark,

I will say your name.

Stephon Clark,

Sacramento will never be the same.

Rest in Peace, dear child, father, and neighbor,

Your death will not be in vain,

It may perhaps be our savior.

The public want’s justice, this is a fact,

But sadly we all know,

This still won’t bring you back.

Dear Stephon, please rest well.

For tomorrow we fight on,

Until your killers are locked in hell.

Rest well Stephon, for you are loved.

Rest well Stephon Clark, your smile will guide us up above.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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