Calling all…

Calling all hearts

All Souls who have felt the bitter sweet burns of

Love’s pain.

Calling all minds

All thinkers


And actors.

Call all poet’s hearts,

Do not be meek in the face of these days!

Calling all strong,

It’s time to stand up to bullies,

Calling all thinkers,





Calling all to Rise Up.

To act.

To do as our rhetoric 

Says we will actually do.

Can you hear it?

It is the call!

The call of revolution!

Calling all! Calling all!

The revolution! The revolution!


The time is now.

We are the revolt.  The revolting.

This is a call to the revolting freaks,

The communists,

The socialists,

The youth,

The damned corrupted youth!

Calling all minds, 

Ready and fresh to open!

Calling all freaks!

Now is the time for the Freak Party

To come back with a vengeance.

Our true colors were never red


And blue.

Just red.

Deep, blood, flowing, red.

A dark truth, if you are an idiot.

A light we can use in our tunnel,

Our bluff is our advantage now.

But we must not be idle,

Not now, not ever again.

Calling all,

Calling all,

Calling all to rise.

Calling all to get up.

Calling all to reach out.

Calling all open minds,

Calling all to be free!

December 3, 2016

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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