The All too True Change of Marker

Praise New Hours, a ticking clock to the foreign loss   and familiar social pressure on a 21st century turn. Broken and fixed broken and fixed, upon repeated more beats and thoughts and proof of provocation of those of the past idiocratic splendor. Fortunes feedback undue splendor placed on self fear, hatred and robbery. CastContinue reading “The All too True Change of Marker”

Dare I ask and Repeat

A breach, now which many actual  available incoherent blank spots an twindeling sodden nature. Well Lust Well portioned Well music and sordid fall and another obsession. Another obsession, another trite matter? Dare I ask and repeat. Nay, NAY I say fault by a many a mature fortune. Lost muck and rake, and pollution of a selfContinue reading “Dare I ask and Repeat”