Lies and Slander, A poem

“The poor deserve it!” Lies and slander. “The left hates…” Lies and slander. “The police protect and serve.” Lies and slander. “Your standard of living will only go up.” More lies, more slander. “Love is all you need.” More lies, more slander. “This is land of the free.” The biggest lie, the biggest slander.

The Story’s Answer. Part 2

There is no day, There is no hour, There is no time which cannot be used for the sake that our sweet and public did. To do right is to act, To justify is inexcusable. Truth is the only merit to truth As it should be, I have kept silence in my place that wasContinue reading “The Story’s Answer. Part 2”

The Greatest Cruelties

The Greatest Cruelties lie in cordial anonymity. Cruel cordial anonymous signatures. Shock and awe, terror and pain be felt shocked and scared. Scared of only the unknown when it is a joy. It is a real joy, yes this joy is not some illusion, it is real,  real because I have felt it, in thoughtContinue reading “The Greatest Cruelties”

The Great Gamble

Formative in scarcity and birth on lies and torture. A stolen power and a given life and a lost future, will the next generation succeed? Is it all and always been the great gamble. Yes, it is true all our efforts in our ends of youth are but a sorrowed addicting gamble. 6/9/14

It Is Return!

It is Return! It is Resolve! It is the permanent restoration of what was otherwise overkill and retrospect. Why is it that only such a tragedy can light a fuse and create such a spark that any poet may write by it,  any artist may paint by it. Identity is not convoluted. Self interest isContinue reading “It Is Return!”

This word, Love.

My heart is open to all. My soul is an open book, for love is a universal character even the poorest and the meanest and the most sad and the most spiteful and the most lonely have loved, or still love, or forever love. Where is your love? Have you none? Then you have someContinue reading “This word, Love.”

Rhetorical Questions

Do we call to arms our great minds for the sake of their minds? Do we not sit upon thrones made of African machine guns? Are these thrones not sitting in the Louvre or the British Museum? Does vanity become a bi product of consciousness, or consciousness a bi product of vanity? Are we slavesContinue reading “Rhetorical Questions”

An Ambiguous Personal Truth : Part IV

Don’t Believe far away and a false background other premise Divided  but don’t forget, this is one and it was always the centuries. Now a natural cinema and its human circulation, From calculation and exact fiction, and only thanked. Grateful but only thanked only treated and retreated and treated again in this words clear andContinue reading “An Ambiguous Personal Truth : Part IV”

An Ambiguous Personal Truth: Part II

Yes in Chapters, mad known only at arms length, A song in the megaphone, and thought was relevant. Alright now all lost and blown. No helpful or relevant thought. Ode to such a feeble attempt at loveable help. Only the folk saint and statue  of a literature classic. Eastward unknown oxymoronic and not wasted despiteContinue reading “An Ambiguous Personal Truth: Part II”

An Ambiguous Personal Truth, Part I

Now it is here, heard by its courting and strings. Rocking back and forth with this thing and requiem. A new and eternal one, erie, and only as soft as the sick mind dreamed, and wanted. The gears and strings pump this climax and salty tune. Yet it ends so easy.