Wanna Be Socrates, a poem

Dull, now babbles some wanna-be Socrates. A Plato of the non- existent preverbal page. An awkward stammer and pause gone about with forced emotion. So forced that it has no force, no power, gone and now at rest, deserving non of its fake praise. Lofty lust, and more incoherent babbles and rambles in the nameContinue reading “Wanna Be Socrates, a poem”

March 1, 2017

Fool said, “I am fool.” Another said, “I am not!” They were the true fool.

The Meaning of Meaning

The question seems like a cliché in our jaded post modern millenial world; “What is the meaning of life?” But I put forth an alternative question, an expansion on the semantics of the words above. I.e., “What is the meaning of meaning?” A seemingly simple question if we stick to the absolute literal, that isContinue reading “The Meaning of Meaning”