We, a socialist poem

We make the profits. We starve. We make the wealth. We starve. We make you rich. We starve. We are promised rewards. We starve. We are isolated. We starve. We march. We are fed. We rally. We are fed. We have the guillotine. We win. 3/15/19

Your Weekly Presidential Address (a socialist feminist poem about Donald Trump)

Your Weekly Presidential Address Your weekly address, Your daily lie, Your frothing anger, Your excuses and hate, Your rape culture, Your racism, Your warped sense of reality. Hail to the chief, Long live the great leader. Your weekly address, Your dying hope, Your source of evil.

Fear Us Not (a socialist poem)

Fear Us Not Dare not leave me alone with my thoughts, Nor do I do so myself, at least not willingly. For what is life but nature, And what is nature but a beauty and a curse, And what a cruse is this lie, That is human nature. Curse the human tide, And frequent tedium,Continue reading “Fear Us Not (a socialist poem)”