Capitalism IS a Housing Crisis

Recently during a Democratic Socialists of America Reading Group hosted by my local we discussed the introduction to the book In Defense of Housing.  One of the first topics we leaped upon was the nature and use of the term “Housing Crisis.”  Housing across the nation, and arguably the world, is one of the numberContinue reading “Capitalism IS a Housing Crisis”

Dreamers Are Worth More Than Dollars

A consistent defense that capitalist liberals and conservatives like to go to when defending DACA and Dreamer’s is how much surplus value Dreamers generate.  Of course, they don’t actually use the words “surplus value.”  What happens is nearsighted liberal mouth pieces like Joy Ann Reid go on twitter tangents about how much money Dreamers pumpContinue reading “Dreamers Are Worth More Than Dollars”

Say it ain’t so Coco : Why Conan’s Trip To Israel is Unforgivable  

Recently Conan O’Brien, someone who I have long been a fan of and whose videos I have shared frequently on this blog, has broken my heart and permantely lost my fandom. The state of Israel is guilty of apartheid and a dangerously high number of Israelis now support the idea of “ethnic cleansing.” In theContinue reading “Say it ain’t so Coco : Why Conan’s Trip To Israel is Unforgivable  “

Heather Heyer Did Not Die For Liberalism!

The complacency and liberalism I’m seeing, even from people in my own group of family and friends, reacting to Charlottesville is disgusting and infuriating. The organizers are bragging about mowing down communists, I can very easily get killed just showing up for a leftist cause, and so many of you are silent! Or you compareContinue reading “Heather Heyer Did Not Die For Liberalism!”