And End Suddenly

Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop for any reason unless you fall on a moment of violence and foul the stain of good names for the sake of anything that goes on unbeknownst  to such a man or woman or child. Who could so be called of unbenign virtue, of we and hubris. Fallen and risen haveContinue reading “And End Suddenly”

Forgotten Pages and Souls Wander

Forgotten pages and souls wonder and wander wondering what could have been? Instead what is  gets swept  under the ugly rug of a family skeleton closet. Cradles never  rocked. Spanish language poems fill the hallways of a once empty mind, and Gil Scot Heron is not forgotten. Who says a white man can’t jump orContinue reading “Forgotten Pages and Souls Wander”

There Will Be Peace, Revolution, and One

  The archaic always seems to have its place. Whether we like it, whether we know it, is another matter all together. Is their any real poetry in these words? Is their any real phonetic surprise, any peak. Perhaps, but more than anything, their is return. Their is the same thing that has long cycledContinue reading “There Will Be Peace, Revolution, and One”