Elizabeth Warren, proof the DNC is pathetic (Not a GOP endorsement)

Those who know me and follow this blog know that I am proudly a rabid Sander’s supporter.  Yes I am a Bernie Bro and I will embrace that attempt at a deragatory slur with pride.  I will continue to support Sander until the word’s “I concede” come out of his mouth.

That being said, I am a realist, the odds are Sanders will not be the nominee and I do acknowledge that and accept it.  However the out of touch joke that is the DNC is epitomized by the, for lack of a better word, betrayal, of Elizabeth Warren to the Occupy Movement and young people who essentially catapulted her political career.  Warren herself is an admirable individual, do not misinterpret my criticism as a lack of respect for her, but I must make the observation that Elizabeth Warren was never in fact this angel of the people we made her out to be.

Though she is much closer to Sanders when it comes to her stance on many major issues, those of us who used to be her rabdid supporters made a grossly misguided error in our support for her.  The stark difference between Bernie and literally every democrat, including admirable ones like John Lewis or Warren, is that Bernie was not actually a democrat until this election, and he only declared a party affiliation out of political neccesity.  I have to remind everyone of a sad truth about Warren, she was always a democrat.

“But James, the democratic party is so pragmatic and stands for all these progressive issues.”

Out of politeness, I usually repress my urge to yell, BULLSHIT, but since this is my blog I can say whatever I want, so let me just say that is pure bullshit.

Now before anyone misinterprets this as an appraisal of the GOP, think again.  I may dislike the DNC, but I despise the GOP and the current state of their even more anachranistic party speaks for itself.  I am not going to just state the obvious, we all know the GOP sucks, but I am going to make the less popular observations about these democrats that are constantly painted as benevolent saints when they are just lessers of two evils.

The DNC is in fact the lesser of two evils, the pragmatic nature of the people in the party makes them more open to necceasry changes in public policy.  That is fair and should be noted.  However the party has demonstrated that the truly progressive agenda of the Sander’s campaign.  The platfrom that Clinton and the whole DNC NEEDS to adopt if they ever want to win over Sander’s supporters, and millenials as a whole, was essentially rejected by the platform commitee, including diginity for the Palestinian people and Universal Health Care.  The DNC, the party of Warren, the party she has always aligned with, made that decision.

Warren’s endorsement of Clinton is understandable, Clinton is the likely nominee and Warren is mostly concerned with beating Trump, which is totally fair.  But you cannot just run a campaign on fear of the opposition when you don’t actually represent the views of the people you want to win over.  Warren is like anyother life long political democrat, blatantly out of touch with the real world and road blocking real change by allying with the people who are causing the problem.  By standing on that stage she is putting her party ahead of the needs of the people, which is what all democrats do.  She has been a democrat from the beginning, you cannot claim to support the people if you are a life long member of a party that has never infact represented the modern people.

I respect Elizabeth Warren, but I no longer support her.  The DNC is a joke until Sander’s platform becomes the inherent platform of the party.  Yes we need to beat Trump, but we also need to stop letting two out dated and out of touch parties make the decisions that affect the lives of everyday people.

The day after the DNC rejects the core of Bernie’s platform, Warren stands on a stage proudly declaring. “I’m With Her” Excuse me as I roll my eyes at such a laughably egomanical campaign slogan, but I still like what Sander’s has to say better, “This is not about me, this is about us.”

We are the Revolution

Ah, to wander lonely like a fool,

stuck in ancient, new politic blind.

We are a generation of revolution,

revisionist in truth and name.

We apologize for our slaughter 

and will not take kindly to condesending frames.

Mistakes humanize authority, but only when there is room

for apology.

We are the permenant revolution,

but we are not a commodity.

We are people,

We are human beings.


Why I hate Hilary Clinton but would still vote for her, and yes hate is a strong word, that’s why I used it.  

Hilary Clinton used to sit on the board of directors for Walmart, she was silent on all issues involving LGBTQ rights until recent years, she was sec of state & a senator both for only one term while Sanders has been a mayor, a congressman, and a senator. The only thing I remotely agree with her on is gun control & equality for women, but tbh, fuck the Clintons. Bill is an asshole and Hilary is an opportunist and if we elect her it will be the same as Obama, sure some stuff will kind of change and the culture will shift, but there will still be a lack of necessary corporate legislation. and regulation.

But sadly enough, I will still vote for her if she does defeat Sanders.  As much as I will not be excited about it, we can’t have another republican president, especially when everyone of their candidates is more embarassing than Bush.  The republicans are an international joke of homophobes, willfully ignorant, gun loving racists who will further attack a women’s right to choice.  Compared to Clinton, their evil is vomit inducing, her evil is no worse than the standard political insider evil.

But I do hate them both.

That being said, repeat this mantra with me, SANDERS 2016! SANDERS! SANDERS! SANDERS!

Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders, a curious way to create dialogue

Interesting fact, one of the interuptors was an adement Palin supporter in 2008.  Yet what I find most interesting is Sanders has been more of a target than Clinton, who actually dodges talking about racialization in our society or at least she sugarcoats it with rhetoric any time she seems to. 

I’m not going to diss the interruptors or question their motives or tactics because I’m for the black lives matter movement, and its a valid question as to what his actual policies will be to combat racism. I’m just curious as to why they target literally the only candidate running who was an actual participant of the civil rights movement, it is a little bizarre to me.

That’s my take on it, I’m still very pro Sanders and pro Black Lives Matter, but I can’t understand why Sanders is targeted more than the Republicans or Clinton.

That being said, this intruption has sparked an important dialogue that does need to happen within the left wing of the political spectrum, agree or disagree on the tactics and motives all you want, it can’t be argued that its important to actually have this dialogue, polarized though it is.

The New Journalism, or Is the mainstream media dying? Possible Proof of the dawn of a new Media for a new age.

Only in America could a canditate earn record-level donations and raising poll numbers and get only a fraction of the coverage of a canditate who is not only not competant enough to be president, but is a hateful genderist.
CNN, Fox News, and a majority of the mainstream media that has yet to find an approriate audience with the net savy progressive and often millenial underground that holds up this society don’t look into stories that don’t serve their agenda.  It is the growing populist network that seems to be the only ones taking Bernie Sander’s seriously as a canditate.  I can’t tell if the media really believe the American public is actually dumb enough to elect Donald Trump, if they are just covering his idiocy for the sake of sensationalist and opprotunist ratings, or both at the same time.

  Considering the ego the media has continued to demonstrate their agenda and perpetuate ignorance through ignoring the racialization of our policeforce and justice system, the oppression of sexuality, and the anachronistic genderist mysoginy of our society as a whole, this might be their ego’s last stand.

The fact is more people support Bernie Sanders than they do Donald Trump, and the mainstream media is either unaware of the fact or ignoring it because they don’t want to admit their format, their message, and outlook are all dying ones.  The public controls information now, as long as the net stays open and free of course, and if that’s true then the people who once controlled information don’t control shit anymore.

Christian or not, pride does always come before the greatest of falls.  This may be the end of the self serving media and the return to a media that serves the public.  Or it could be the last fall of a socialist who is giving American politics one last progressive hope before capitalism kills us all.  Only time, votes, and the goddamn also obsolete electoral college, will decide.

Why I Am Not Excited About Hillary Clinton, Despite Being a Feminist.

It’s not enough to just vote for the first woman president, just because you vote for a “historic” candidate doesn’t mean they’ll change shit, look at Barack Obama.  Race and gender don’t compensate for the fact people like Obama or Hillary Clinton are political insiders, inbedded with the same people and corporations who create our problems.  Don’t legitimize a vote for Hillary because she’s “lesser of two evils” if neither party represents what you believe in don’t vote for either one.  You don’t owe anyone a vote if they don’t owe you a candidate who actually represents what you believe in. The system is supposed to work for you you’re not supposed to work for the system.  Unless Hillary says she’ll fight for the environment, legalized marijuana, taxation on wallstreet, end the privatization of education, public option healthcare, & stand up to corporations/institutions like the NSA we are going to just see more of the same.  As of now I am voting for Bernie Sanders, as much as we need to elect a woman president we need to focus on policy before we focus on shallow externals such as race or gender.