Dear Fellow Self Proclaimed Male Feminists, or, How Not to Be James Deen

So anyone who has passed puberty & has an internet connection is aware of the current rape scandal & fall of porn star James Deen thanks to the bravery innitiated by Stoya. What is especially troubling about these mounting accusations is that Deen was popular amongst men and women for being a self proclaimed sexContinue reading “Dear Fellow Self Proclaimed Male Feminists, or, How Not to Be James Deen”

FACT: Bill Cosby Is A Rapist. (a short dialogue)

Bill Cosby is an arrogant rapist, the time has come to accept the fact. “But James, we got to give people the benefit of the doubt.” What about the 35 women, where is their benefit of the doubt? “Well, how come they waited so long to tell this story?” Because they knew schmucks like youContinue reading “FACT: Bill Cosby Is A Rapist. (a short dialogue)”

The Hair Dresser

Jane did her best to focus on her work.  She was doing everything she could to push the memory of that horrible night into the back of her mind.  She just focused on the wet head of hair sitting in front of her. The customer is one of your typicals who frequent salons, a fortyContinue reading “The Hair Dresser”