The Professional Protester Episode 51 : Reparations Must Be More Than a Single Transaction Recently Bernie Sanders caught some flak when Julian Castro “called him out” on his comments on reparations. Bernie said reparations has to be more than just “writing a check.” Julian Castro countered with “Why wouldn’t you want to compensate people who were property?” Putting aside that this completely misrepresents what Bernie ACTUALLY said, IContinue reading “The Professional Protester Episode 51 : Reparations Must Be More Than a Single Transaction”

People Can Be Products, A Socialist Poem

People Can Be Products Who are we but products? Products of our time and place? Dare what questions are such to be asked? Asked and then asked again! Trivial though it be, meaning is always the goal, the objective, the end. Are we just products? Products of anger, reaction, of hate, Or are we somethingContinue reading “People Can Be Products, A Socialist Poem”

Nationalists (a poem)

Nationalists The blind patriot is now a parody, A joke that lives, Walks and breathes, Among us, Pestering us. Yet was never one of us, Was never a human, A person, But always a monster. Lingering and trolling about, So in a manner that the even the vulgar blush. What poison they are to ourContinue reading “Nationalists (a poem)”

Bootlicker (a poem)

Do not mock me! Do not! Do not! For I am a man, And this my woman And we be not beasts, damn straight! We’re just monsters, deplorable sexists enabling fear monger flag waving. But stop being so mean to us! We have feelings to. But we ain’t afraid of no snowflakes, that’s why IContinue reading “Bootlicker (a poem)”

Sacramento Law Enforcement is Run By Morons

Alright, plenty has been written and analyzed about Black Lives Matter, racial justice, and cases like Stephon Clark. They have been written more stringently and better than anything I am capable of writing. However there is one thing I do have to point out about the aftermath of the Stephon Clark shooting or rather IContinue reading “Sacramento Law Enforcement is Run By Morons”

The Truth About Charter Schools

Charter schools are agents of the school to prison pipeline, their lack of regulations make it almost impossible to actually teach, and their treatment of teachers is inexcusable.


What a sight, Glits and Glamour, Spotlights in the sky at night. Welcome to Hollywood, No, Welcome to Hollywhite. Chinese or Indian, We have make up for that. Black or Spanish, We have a place for that. Hepburn, and Damon, Pacino & Johanson, These are the ones with range. Whites shall keep the lead here,Continue reading “Hollywhite”

Solidarity is one clusterfuck intersection, or, White Privilege, Transphobia, & N.W.A

I recently saw Straight Outta Compton and LOVED it, personally it has rekindled my love of hip hop and I have been on a 3 day long binge on my favorite songs and albums.  But of course not without some biting of my lower lip. As a progressive, I do have to be real aboutContinue reading “Solidarity is one clusterfuck intersection, or, White Privilege, Transphobia, & N.W.A”

Dear Fellow Progressives, Remember It’s Not About You

The chains of hatred are always present where there is disenfranchisement.  Whether it is perceived or real, there are always seeds of bigotry in places where the people have a long history of subjectification for the use of those in power.   Despite being oppressed by the same forces, the people in these groups playContinue reading “Dear Fellow Progressives, Remember It’s Not About You”

False Label of Savage

Savage that which is the nature of rebellion is that of truth nor structure. Savage, Exotic Savage, the nobel savage. What you find is no savage. I stand before you, audience to this scene, bare word to this woe, to this rest. Savage is that rest, in the black heart of the jungle, the restContinue reading “False Label of Savage”